The next day we decided to go fishing. We gathered our baskets and fishing tackle and headed down to the beach. Dad walked in front of me on the beach and I looked at his footprints in the sand.

[Paint your child’s feet and make foot stamps – 5 toes. Encourage them to count the toes]

Once at the rocks dad started to fish and mum and I hunted in the blue rock pools. We saw the most beautiful fish and seaweeds. But the most beautiful thing was the starfish. It was bright yellow star fish. We watched for ages as it climbed all over the green seaweed we counted the starfish’s five legs and then drew star fish all over the sand. We drew so many that the beach looked like the sky filled with stars.

Dad caught 5 fish – 2 big ones for him, 2 smaller ones for mum and a medium sized one for me. We headed back to the cave to cook our supper.
Working with the number 5

Put 5 pearls into your counting shell and place in front of your child. I do this before the story starts as I set out the table.

Trace your hand and number the fingers make sure that you position your fingers in such a way that there is a big gap between the thumb and the fingers – the V for the roman numeral V. Explain how we have two hands and each has five fingers. This shows how 5 is half of 10. Show your child the V between the thumb and the first finger.
Short neck, belly fat,
Mr. Five wears a hat.

Pratice drawing five pointed stars and then draw a star fish with the Roman numeral V and the number 5 on the page


Starfish, starfish, wiggle your legs.

Starfish, starfish, How many do you have?

One - Two - Three - Four - Five

When you wiggle I can see you're ALIVE!

Form Drawing

Wet on wet painting yellow star fish in the blue sea – seaweed is everywhere!

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