Sea shell, sea shell,
Sing a song for me;
Sing about the ocean,
Tell me about the sea.

Sea shell, sea shell,
When I hold you near,
I can hear the ocean
Whispering in my ear.
I used this poem to teach Thomas how to write his numbers - It was our favourite! He enjoyed the imagery for the formation of numbers.

Around we go! To make a zero!

Number 1 is like a stick
A straight line down, thats very quick!

Around and back on a railroad track!
Choo, choo, choo! We make a two!

Around a tree and around a tree,
That’s the way to make a three!

Down and across and down once more,
That’s the way to make a four!

Short neck, belly fat,
Mr. Five wears a hat.

Down, around then in you go,
That’s the way to make six, you know!

Across the sky and down from heaven,
That’s the way to make a seven!

Make an snake, but do not wait,
Go back up and make an eight!

First a ball and then a line,
Thats the way to make a nine.

Make a 1
and then an "o"
10 are all your fingers
you know!
We enjoy using poetry during circle time. Some of these verses were written by me [in purple] and are relevant to the drawing of the day. Please feel free to improve on them and make the poems your own, I have just written mine down so that you can have a point of reference.
The other poems have been handed down in the Waldorf community and are lovely

Shining on the earth
Was a little sun
Calling us out
To come have fun.

Sun and Moon,
why do you never meet?
Sun and Moon,
I see the one while the other is asleep.

Mommy daddy and me,
together this makes three.

Four stars, lighting up the night,
Fours stars, shinning so bright.
The stars of the South
Guiding us home
They are always right!

Starfish, starfish, wiggle your legs
Starfish, starfish, How many do you have
One - Two - Three - Four - Five
When you wiggle I can see you're ALIVE!

Buzz said the bee,
High in the tree,
Follow me home
And see what I have for thee.

The Swarm of Bees
One little honeybee by my window flew;

Soon came another - then there were two.
Two happy honeybees in the apple tree;
One more bee came buzzing up - then there were three.
Three busy honeybees starting to explore
Another bee came to help - then there were four.
Four laden honeybees flying to the hive;
They were joined by one more bee - then there were five.
Five tired honeybees with the others mix;
Now there's a swarm of them - a hundred times six.
Elsa Gorham Baker

Here is a bridge of wondrous light
Full of colours shining bright
Red and yellow, orange and green
The fairest colours ever seen
Blue and violet, magic rose
Down from heaven to earth it goes.

Rainbow Song
Red and yellow and pink and green,Purple and orange and blue.I can sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow,You can sing one too!
Listen with your eyes,Listen with your eyes,And sing everything you see.You can sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow,Sing a long with me.
Red and yellow and pink and green,Purple and orange and blue.You can sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow,Now you've sung one too!

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