The next morning Mum, Dad and I woke up as the sun peeked into the cave. The cave was beautiful; the walls were covered in old paintings of animals and their hunters. At the back of the cave water dripped down off the moss. Dad put a pot under the moss to catch the water.

We took a basket and headed down to the beach. Mum Dad and I played on the beach and in the waves until the sun was high in the sky. Mum then collected mussels for our meal. Dad took the basket from mum and we headed back to our cave.

Dad made a fire and cooked the mussels to the pot of collected water. We sat at the edge of the cave looking down to the beach eating our fresh meal.

I yawned [exhale], mum and dad smiled and cuddled me to sleep, what a lovely day, the THREE of us together. [Exhale]

Working with the number 3

Put 3 pearls into your counting shell and place in front of your child. I do this before the story starts as I set out the table.

I feel that the number three is sacred so I keep the lesson simple and focus on the triangle/trinity and the uniqueness of your child’s relationship with you and your partner.

Form drawing 3 stripes

If you child helps with supper then ask him to cut the veg into three pieces

Draw a picture of the family unit. Mom-Child-Dad. Teach your child the Roman numeral III and the number 3. Show your child where to write these on their page.
Around a tree and around a tree,
That’s the way to make a three!
Mommy, Daddy and me,
Together this makes THREE
Give your child some coloured paper, scissors and glue with instructions to cut and paste triangles. [this can be done with younger family members in playtime at the kitchen table – I managed to get some dishes washed while they did this]

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