The first thing that I saw when I woke up was the mermaids shell against mum’s ear and she was listening to it. After a while mum put the shell down and called me over to her lap. And she began to speak.“Today the shell has told me a great story that the white horses whispered to her.”

She pointed out of the cave to the sea and said “ Can you see those white spots on the ocean, well those are the white horses, they are little waves that appear when the wind blows, they are helpful fellas, So let me tell you the story,”

And mum began again. “The white horses noticed a boat with 2 sailors floating in the middle of the ocean. The boat seemed to be lost so they rushed out to help when they heard the two men talking. The wise old man told the younger man to wait until dark when very special stars would be in the sky. He said a set of 4 stars, called the Southern Cross had been used for many years by travellers to find their way home. So the sailors waited and the white horses waited with them.

Well, that night the stars began to appear and there is was, the 4 stars of the Southern Cross. The older sailor looked at them, pointed north and said this was the way home. The white horses were so amazed, he was right!

So they boat set sail again and safely arrived at the beach just as the sun was rising on a new day.

Working with the number 4

Put 4 pearls into your counting shell and place in front of your child. I do this before the story starts as I set out the table.

Draw the Southern Cross and the night skies
Teach them the Roman numeral IIII and the number 4. Show your child where to write these on their page. I prefer to write the roman numeral as IIII then the number 5 is easily understood as V then, but you decide, what ever works better for you.
Down and across and down once more,
That’s the way to make a four!


Four stars, lighting up the night,

Fours stars, shinning so bright.

The stars of the South

Guiding us home

They are always right!

Great opportunity to do a night of star gazing, contact the planetarium for a scheduled viewing or [even better] make some hot milk and honey and sit outside with your child on your lap and look at the stars.

Introduction of a compass or compass work.

Draw a square and rectangle and discuss the differences. Then give your child some coloured paper, scissors and glue with instructions to cut and paste square on 1 page and rectangles on another. Nice project to do in free time with younger family members joining in the cutting fun. [I really don’t worry about the younger child’s shapes, it is more important that she has fun]

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