The sun was now low in the sky and it would be evening soon. We reached the rocks at mouth of the lagoon and stopped to look around, on the one side was the ocean and on the other the rocky mountain. We continued, climbing over the rocks and following the sea-shore until we were far from the lagoon and reached a small beach.

Dad pointed high above the beach to TWO caves, and we started to climb. The first cave had a lovely sweet smell, it smelt like yummy honey. I wanted to look inside but Mum promised we would return to explore it on another day.

We climbed a little higher and reached the second cave. The entrance was very wide and the whole cave was filled with the orange glow from the sunset. One side was filled with soft red sand, perfect for sleeping. We set out our blankets and opened our baskets.

Wet on wet painting
The yellow sun rays shine onto the red sand in the cave and magically the cave had a beautiful orange glow.
We each ate an apple and an orange while watching the moon rise over the ocean. The sun had set and it was time to sleep. Mum and Dad kissed me good night and cuddled me to sleep.

Working with the number 2

Put 2 pearls into your counting shell and place in front of your child. I do this before the story starts as I set out the table.

Choose one of the below for your child to draw – The two sides [ocean and mountain], two caves, two fruit [apple and orange], sun and moon, day and night.
To emphasise you could give your child two crayons to draw with. Teach your child the Roman numeral II and the number 2 and let him write it on the page.
Around and back on a railroad track!
Choo, choo, choo! We make a two!


Sun and Moon, why do you never meet?

Sun and Moon,

I see the one while the other is asleep.

Walk around the home looking for pairs, [knitting needles, cup and saucer, knife and fork] and identify body parts that come in pairs.

Then look for 2 similar items, [two flowers, two trees, two plates, two balls of wools]

Lastly look for opposites [day and night, etc]

No need to explain the differences, your child will figure it out for them-self when they are ready for this knowledge. [I enjoy the delight children have once they have figured something out on their own]

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