I woke up to the sound of the bees buzzing, the flower was open and the bees flying out of the smaller cave and visiting all the flowers. Mum said we might visit the bee hive today, but first we had to wait for careful counter to come back from this visit to the queen bee. He had gone to ask permission for us to watch the bees working and dancing in the hive.

After a short time, Careful Counter came back and said he had been given permission to witness the secret of the number six.

We quickly finished our breakfast and headed to the cave, as we entered the cave I could smell honey, its sweetness filled the air. Deep in the cave I could hear a loud buzzing nervously I looked at Careful Counter, and he took my hand and lead the way.

We reached the hive and Careful Counter gently blew on the bees. They moved aside showing me their beautiful honeycomb. The honey comb was made up of many 6 sided cells all filled with golden honey. He cut a small piece and explained that bees make lots of honey, but we should only take a little at a time so that they have enough to feed the babies.

The bees slowly moved back over the combs and it was time to leave the bees to build more perfectly shaped cells.

Working with the number 6

Put 6 pearls into your counting shell and place in front of your child. I do this before the story starts as I set out the table.

On practice paper, teach your child how to draw a hexagon. Thomas struggled a bit so we drew dots first and then did join-the-dots. Once he has mastered it then draw the honey comb in your main lesson book, while he copies your work.
Teach your child the Roman numeral VI and the number 6 and show him where to write these on the page.
Down, around then in you go,
That’s the way to make six, you know!


Buzz said the bee,
High in the tree.
Follow me home,
And see what I have for thee.

Cut two triangles and make a star with them.
We also did some rubbings for fun.

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