As a young child, my family journeyed to a place far from home, it was the beautiful valley where the silvery blue lagoon was surrounded by the ancient lichen covered forest and the lagoon entered the ocean though a small gap in the mountains. Mum called this valley Knysna but the ancient people had called it THE PLACE OF GREAT GIFTS.

We stayed there for many day, we would awake with the golden sun and wonder along the edge of the blue water and admire the big trees in the green forest. It was a special time, but I knew that something more important was about to happen.

Wet-on-wet painting
Yellow sun meets blue lagoon and magically the forest appears

On the night of the full moon, the wind carried the earth’s whispers urging us to begin the adventure. The moon had magically changed the sea and the tides shifted. The stars twinkled and I could hear the thundering of the waves on the rocks at the mouth of the lagoon. I awoke at dawn with mummy saying, “Come quick Carle’.... [Insert your name here].... there is so much wonder in the world”

We dressed, collected our baskets, packed a little food and blankets, we would be gone for many days...

At the beach I saw that the tide had pulled back through the heads into the ocean and left the widest beach I had ever seen, slowly and tentatively I put my first foot onto the beach and so began my journey into a world of wonder...

We looked to the mountains that were once the land of the ancient Khoi people. This is where we would live, eating from the ocean and sleeping in the caves. We walked towards it; with each step we saw treasures. I wanted to fill my baskets but mommy reminded me that we were looking for ONE special shell, ONE that was as old as the sea and carried the whispers of the mermaids.

A seagull called out and landed on a shell. I looked at it, on the outside the shell was rough from the tumbling of the waves, but on the inside it was perfect.

Mum looked it at, picked it up and smiled,

YES, This was the ONE.

Inhale - pick it up and hold it to your ear a listen to the whispers of the mermaids, then let your child also listen.

I carefully wrapped the shell and added it to our basket and continued on our journey.

Working with the number 1

Put 1 pearl into your counting shell and place in front of your child, showing him what 1 looks like. I do this before the story starts as I set out the table.

Choose one of the below for your child to draw
One Shell
One Lagoon
One sun
To emphasis this oneness you could give them one crayon to draw with.
Teach them the roman numeral I and the number 1 and let them write them at the bottom of their page .

Number 1 is like a stick
A straight line down,
thats very quick!

Shining on the earth,
Was a little sun.
Calling us out,
To come have fun.

Observe the body and names the ones. 1 head, 1 nose etc

Encourage your child to use their senses 1 smell, 1 touch, 1 taste, 1 noise etc. This can be done with a snack in a nice and informal way.

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