Hi Homeschool Mom,
Welcome to the journey though numbers, I am so pleased that you have joined us on this path. The first block is titled "The place of great gifts" and is set in the Knysna area, but you can easily adapt this to be an area that you have visited with your child.
This is a 4 week block. We alternate between a 3 day and 4 day rhythm, so in a 2 week period we do 7 days work. But if your schedule is better suited to a 3 day rhythm then drop the additional day, and if you prefer a 4 day rhythm then add in another revision day.
Here is a guide.
Monday - Lesson 1 - number 1
Tuesday - Lesson 2 - number 2
Wednesday - Lesson 3 - number 3
Monday - Lesson 4 - Number 4
Tuesday - Lesson 5 - Number 5
Wednesday - Lesson 6 - Revision
[Thursday - Additional revision]
Monday - Lesson 7 - Number 6
Tuesday - Lesson 8 - Number 7
Wednesday - Lesson 9 - Number 8
Monday - Lesson 10 - Number 9
Tuesday - Lesson 11 - Number 10
Wednesday - Lesson 12 - Revision
[Thursday - Additional revision]
All blue writing is for mum to read and should not be read to the child.
Please send me a mail if there is anything that you are struggling with and I will see if I can help you. My e-mail address is


A small basket to hold the items used in grade one maths,

A large shell for story telling,

A cloth to wrap the shell in, preferably silk - this to for protecting it and so the children learn that it is very special

A mainlesson book,

Stockmar crayons, for grade 1 the recomendation is 3 colours but I like colour so have more. :-)

Good quality paper for wet on wet painting [27cmx55cm] - by the best you can afford

Stockmar paints [1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow],

Some counting beads [we use odd shaped genuine pearls that we bought from the local bead shop for under R50 for a long string]

And a cave dweller gnome

Several shells for counting in [black mussel shell is great!]

A blue ocean coloured playcloth for setting the table

Kristies 6th sense maths book is not essential but is a great additional resource. I use it and find it to be inspiring. I read her writings on each number before we start schooling and her words remain with me through the lesson. Very supportive. :-)


I sell a pack containing 10 black mussel counting shells [I collect them from the beach], 20 pearls in a bag, hand crafted cave dweller gnome and a 10cmx 15cm silk bag for your story telling shell.

The stockmar paints and block crayons as well as the water colour paper can be purchased from Mercurius or a waldorf school.

The story shell is nicest if it is a shell that was found with your children. I use a beautiful Caurie shell [pictured above]that my hubby found on the beach during our last vacation. I'm a lucky girl! (o:

Most of these supplied will be reused in block 2 and block 3.

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